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“How the ‘Cravath System’ Created the Bi-Modal Distribution.”

Law Professor William D. Henderson (click on photo for bio) Managing Partners and law firm H.R. Executives should contemplate the meaning of Indiana University School of Law’s Prof. Bill Henderson’s post: "How the ‘Cravath System’ Created the Bi-Modal Distribution." Professor Henderson builds on the work of NALP (The National Association for Law Placement®, founded in … Continue Reading

“once-in-a-lifetime” – Valorem Law Group

As Nicole Nehama Auerbach joins Valorem, she says: “I saw Valorem as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really make a difference in the way litigation is handled… I was captivated by the firm’s commitment to provide real value to business clients, and, in particular, its emphasis on alternative fees. Alternative fees are more important than ever … Continue Reading

“economically-irrational” associate salaries hit ceiling

The Wall Street Journal has a post called: Big-Law Associates Facing 2008 Salary Cap by Dan Slater. Here is a key paragraph from that post from which my title was derived: "We called around to firms to find out whether associate salaries, called economically-irrational in some quarters, have finally (or, at least, for now) hit … Continue Reading

Hero: Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry asks lawyers to sacrifice

Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry — fired by Musharraf Saturday — in a phone call to a gathering of lawyers urged them to go to "every corner of Pakistan and give the message that this is the time to sacrifice." This in the face of: "Baton-wielding police fought with lawyers outside courthouses in Islamabad and … Continue Reading

Montreal’s legendary Desjardins Ducharme to close

It is with personal sadness that I post this news. In September, one of Canada’s most respected law firms will close its doors forever according to a story by lawyer/journalist Jim Middlemiss in today’s Financial Post: “Lawyer exodus shutters Desjardins”. Jim starts his story: An era will end for the 100-lawyer law firm Desjardins Ducharme … Continue Reading

ZEN and the art of lawyering

This is a San Francisco Chronicle article in which Chronicle Staff Writer Heidi Benson begins: “Mary Mocine, a 63-year-old Zen priest and former litigator, teaches meditation to burned-out attorneys at weekend retreats at Tassajara in Big Sur and Green Gulch Farm at Muir Beach.” Litigators may be comforted by this:  "You can still be a … Continue Reading

First Law Firm Goes Public – shares up 40% on first day of trading

The Wall Street Journal posts: Slater & Gordon: The World’s First Publicly Traded Law Firm Managing Partners and other members of law firm C suites had better look at Slater & Gordon’s prospectus – it’s a gold mine, (pun intended). Have a look at how risks are described – the Wall Street Journal post quotes … Continue Reading

“I played a very large part in bringing about the demise of a firm. . . that I loved.”

The Wall Street Journal speaks – shall we listen? “[William Durbin Jr.] regrets having focused too much on profits and “de-equitizing” partners (reducing their stake in the profit pool) in an effort to boost the bottom line, a strategy that has become popular in Big Law. ‘There’s a lot more that people bring to a … Continue Reading

Check out The Complete Lawyer

The Complete Lawyer tag line is: Tools and insights on professional development and quality of life and career issues that impact every lawyer’s success and satisfaction. Is this a resource that may be helpful to some of your lawyers (if not all)? Thank you to friend and Complete Lawyer contributor Stephanie West Allen (of Idealawg) … Continue Reading

The Americanization of Clementi (or, “going public”)

This is the most significant development impacting the legal profession in 50 years and hardly anyone is noticing except Bruce MacEwen at Adam Smith Esq.  This is not a red herring.  If you are a Managing Partner you will look back and think you should have paid very close attention to this.  Give Bruce’s post … Continue Reading

MY RUSSIAN INTERVIEW – ???????? ? ??????-????????????? ?????? ????????

???????? ? ??????-????????????? ?????? ???????? ?????????: ?????? ?????? — ???????????, ?????????????????? ?? ??????????? ??????? ???????????? ???????. ????????? ?????????? ?????, ????????, ??????, ?? ????????????? ??????????? ?????, ????????? ????????? ? ?????????????? ? ???, ????? ??? ?????  ????? ?????????? ????????? ???? ???????????????? ??????. ??? ??????? — ?????????? ?????  ? ??????????? ??????????? ?? ????? ??? 30 ?????: ????????? ?????????? … Continue Reading

Dershowitz weighs in

                  Alan Dershowitz Extracts from yesterday’s letter To the Editor: "I share your outrage at Charles D. Stimson’s ‘loathsome attempt to punish lawyers who represent inmates of the Guantánamo Bay internment camp.’ " "But I cannot join you in your proposal that the bar disciplinary committee investigate Mr. Stimson for conduct ‘prejudicial to the administration … Continue Reading

Official Attacks Top Law Firms

The lion on the left is a metaphor for the lawyers and law firms who stand up to attacks against our profession and justice itself. In a New York Times article today, Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees,  you will see that there is an insidious movement to have business clients fire those preeminent … Continue Reading

Lawyers appreciate…

Lawyers appreciate good health, security and happiness – BUT WAIT, doesn’t everyone?  Yes.  That’s my point.  Lawyers are people and the vast majority of them are really good people. Lawyers appreciate people who treat them with the dignity and respect.  Lawyers appreciate people who recognize lawyer jokes for what they are – a form of … Continue Reading

Congratulations to Edge Award Winners and thank you to our Review Board

ANNOUNCING THE 2005-2006 AWARD WINNERS My Edge International colleagues and I are pleased to announce the winners of the 2005-2006 Edge Awards for the best articles published in Law Practice Magazine.  The awards commend outstanding written works most likely to have a practical influence in shaping the actions lawyers take to manage their practices.  All … Continue Reading

“…A stringent “how much do I really love that” filter

Ernie the Attorney (Ernie Svenson) and The Adventure of Strategy (Robert Millard) both came at the same issue today but in entirely different ways.  Unbeknownst to each other, they posted on a common theme:  lawyers leaving their law firms. Ernie referred to Denise Howell of the Bag and Baggage blog:  "So, now Denise is taking … Continue Reading

The Future of Law is International

A tip of the pinstriped hat to my Edge International colleague, Robert Millard, for his post The Future of Law is International.  This may be early in the curve, however…   Punchline:  Managing Partners, if this is right, what will you wish five years from now that you started doing today?… Continue Reading