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MY RUSSIAN INTERVIEW – ???????? ? ??????-????????????? ?????? ????????

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Dershowitz weighs in

                  Alan Dershowitz Extracts from yesterday’s letter To the Editor: "I share your outrage at Charles D. Stimson’s ‘loathsome attempt to punish lawyers who represent inmates of the Guantánamo Bay internment camp.’ " "But I cannot join you in your proposal that the bar disciplinary committee investigate Mr. Stimson for conduct ‘prejudicial to the administration … Continue Reading

Apology Rejected

NYT: Apology Not Accepted Apparently: "It is hard to render a convincing apology when you are not really apologizing." FASTFORWARD:  If you are wondering why I am tracking this on Amazing Firms Amazing Practices it is because this is what I love about my profession and the great individuals and firms that practice in it … Continue Reading

Official Attacks Top Law Firms

The lion on the left is a metaphor for the lawyers and law firms who stand up to attacks against our profession and justice itself. In a New York Times article today, Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees,  you will see that there is an insidious movement to have business clients fire those preeminent … Continue Reading

What is a Quought?

The inventive entrepreneur and former child prodigy, and I am glad to add, "friend", Rajesh Setty, at Life BEYOND CODE, has honoured me by including me in his series of Quoughts for the Day.  He invented that word but then if you know Rajesh, being inventive is child’s play.   Of course I would be … Continue Reading

Lawyers appreciate…

Lawyers appreciate good health, security and happiness – BUT WAIT, doesn’t everyone?  Yes.  That’s my point.  Lawyers are people and the vast majority of them are really good people. Lawyers appreciate people who treat them with the dignity and respect.  Lawyers appreciate people who recognize lawyer jokes for what they are – a form of … Continue Reading

Blank Sheet of Paper and a Box of Crayons

…and what do you get?  Legendary Merrilyn Astin Tarlton’s new blog!  Merrilyn is creative – without her there would be no LMA, the Law Practice Management Magazine of the ABA would not be half what it is today and the College of Law would not enjoy its current prominence. Am I a fan?  YOU BET.  … Continue Reading

You gotta have heart…

Arnie Herz of "legal sanity" gets down to brass tax in his "energy management for lawyers" post.  You will see a reference in the  post to the heart’s role in all this, courtesy of the Law Practice Today post "Meet the Most Powerful Stress Manager: Your Heart" Find out which graph ought to represent your … Continue Reading

Bruce Marcus Fireside Chat

Yesterday my wife, Bethany, and I visited the wisdom of Bruce Marcus (and his brilliant wife, Mana) at their lovely Connecticut home – those bricks you see behind us are the Marcus fireplace so I guess you could describe it as a "fireside chat".  (He is the author of no less than 15 books, including … Continue Reading

My humble thanks to Ben Cowgill

Once in a while, when you least expect it, something quite moving and wonderful happens to you. While I was presenting to an association of UK law firms meeting in Barcelona last Saturday, Ben Cowgill, lawyer, teacher, consultant and author of Ben Cowgill on Legal Ethics, paid my work a great compliment on his highly-regarded … Continue Reading

Bruce Marcus adds blog to Newletter

Bruce Marcus has added The Marcus Perspective (Blog) to the already famous Marcus Letter. Bruce is a prolific author and a pioneer in professional service firm marketing. Check out these excerpts from his bio: editor of the award-winning The Marcus Letter author of fifteen books speechwriter for many of the Fortune 500 companies, and major … Continue Reading

Top 10 Uses for a PDA Camera

Ed Wesemann of Edge International and Creating Dominance Author When you visit Ed’s Blog, you will find almost nothing but fabulous strategy articles. So why did he post on a less serious topic today? Because one of our Edge International colleagues got a PDA with a camera and told Ed he doubted he’d use it. … Continue Reading

“Techno-plunge” week for Stephanie West Allen

Stephanie West Allen Stephanie launched her new blog IDEALAWG yesterday after much encouragement from me and many other friends who highly respect her thinking. I wish her great success and suggest you include her in your aggregator from the get go. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while (thank you) … Continue Reading

Double Tagged, I’m It – I’m It

Anguilla I got tagged both by Patrick Lamb of In Search of Perfect Client Service and Bruce Allen of Marketing Catalyst. I think this is all Larry Bodine’s doing – it’s addictive like eating a potato chip – there is no way to stop. Assembling responses for this took me on quite a journey. Here … Continue Reading

The King of Blawging Moves to LexBlog

Patrick Lamb has been referred to as the King of Blawging by Larry Bodine – see my related post. Patrick has moved his blog, In Search of Perfect Client Service, to Kevin O’Keefe’s LexBlog. I make no secret of the fact that LexBlog is our preferred provider at my organization, Edge International, including this blog … Continue Reading