darke.jpgstraw.jpg Are you incredulous? Do you think I am making this up? Richard Dearden, media manager of Irwin Mitchell (Top 10 UK firm) sent an internal email which included this:

We’ve trawled the intranet and pulled together our most photogenic people for potential models. We don’t have the schedule agreed yet, but if you are around on Tuesday we may call upon you to be involved. If you aren’t available or wouldn’t like to be involved then that’s no problem, however if you are happy to be involved (work commitments permitting), please could you dress nice and smart (as I’m sure you all already do) in case we call upon your services.

Res Ipsa Loquiter!! (For non-lawyers, that means “the thing speaks for itself” FASTFORWARD: Working internationally and observing cultural differences, I have often commented that US political correctness does not extend to the UK. The same memorandum in an American-based firm would likely be viewed as shocking but not in the UK. It is not for me to judge, but it is fun to observe that, Mr. Friedman, the world is not completely “flat” yet. See the original post at Roll on Friday