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(The video is 8 minutes – watch at least the first full minute then more if it grabs you)

Law firm leaders

You don’t need to embrace social media or love technology or even be a gadget freak to have a peak at how we’ll all read magazines and papers soon… I thought a

Dear friend, Sue Stapely, FIPR FRSA is thought to be the UK’s only practising solicitor providing comprehensive strategic communications counsel, with unrivaled experience, particularly working in the legal sector.

Read her July 20th article in UK’s Law Gazette:

When reputations are on the line

Here’s a tiny excerpt:

…we should also worry about the reputations

Seth Godin’s blog post on Receptionists is 100% correct.  When I was a managing partner, my firm required a receptionist for our largest office.  I personally reviewed 215 applications myself and created my "A list", about 42 applicants, whom I invited for interviews late one afternoon.   I asked 6 of my partners to help

guykawasaki3.jpg Guy Kawasaki is quite extraordinary (click on his photo to see for yourself)… “evangelist, entrepreneur, investment banker, and venture capitalist” kind of sums it up but not quite. In his post today, he discusses The Art of Schmoozing… his list is not only consistent with some of the best academic work I have seen